Sunday, January 1, 2012



You are not your mind. And most of your opinions are worthless. But there's no need to worry. That's good news!

All your worries are for nothing. All your fears unfounded. Since when have your thoughts alone had the power to change the world?

You may have beliefs about who you are but they're nothing more than self-limiting thoughts. The result of mental habits formed through repetition; conditioned by your upbringing and the choices you've made. Beliefs are just thoughts we cling to in order to define ourselves and our place in the world. As I said before, most of your opinions are worthless so you might as well start over from the beginning.

You are so much more than you realize.

You are so much weaker than you know.

Find stillness. Choose to be present. Take control of your mind and make it your tool. 

You are consciousness itself. Potential. You are not your mind but it has taken over. It thinks it knows what's best for's wrong.

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